We Should Get More Chickens

Ever hear of ‘Chicken Math’?

While on vacation in Austin, my husband said, “we should get some more chickens.” When we got back, we picked up Iris and Daffodil- my first Polish Crested. And just like that, four became six. The roosters (Daisy and Lily) were PISSED.

This started the first of what I refer to as, “Advanced Orchestration.” New chicks in the run during the day, Flower Girls (my original crew of four) free-ranging. New chicks in the hen-house at night, Flower Girls in the run at night. Finally, the roosters got over it, and the pecking order proceedings commenced.

Tiny Petunia wound up as head-hen, with Violet in a close second. Weirdo Daffodil (the Polish) was seemingly too busy and had no time for such trivial matters. Iris, unfortunately, wound up at the bottom.

The two new chicks were having a rough go of it for a little while, so I’d sit outside with them and moderate the banter so there were no serious injuries. One day Daffodil flew up and perched on my arm. She looked at me for several seconds, and then settled in, closed her eyes, and started to ‘purr.’ I was a goner.

Over time, our bond grew. I could call her name and she’d come running from wherever she was to excitedly tell me about her day. She’d fly up and perch on my shoulder when the afternoon sky would turn to dusk. Then, Lily Roo fell in love with her too.

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