Why on Earth Do You Have Chickens?

I always have a hard time answering the question: “But, why do you have chickens?” Because truly, I’m not sure.

I grew up a little differently than most of my peers did. Summer vacations were spent camping in the Smokey Mountains, mining for gems, hiking trails in national parks, and driving around looking at the scenery. I always loved when we’d stumble across a small farm on a red-clay dirt road in the middle of nowhere. A babbling brook in the distance, beautiful fields of swaying corn, spotted cows lazily grazing, and of course, chickens.

The first time I visited Key West, I learned about the ‘wild’ roosters running around the island. It was so funny to me to hear them crowing in the distance, or see them on the side of the road pecking in the grass.

They’re So Fluffy!

Fast forward several years, and somehow I became aware of the Silkie chicken. I was obsessed. I came across the documentary Chicken People on Amazon, and I just had to have these chickens.

After a ton of research, we embarked on this chicken adventure with four little 8 week old Silkies: Daisy, Lily, Violet, and Petunia. I was nervous, indecisive, unsure, but more than any of that- I really wanted chicks.

So…we picked up the chicks from the only local breeder, headed to our only local farm supply store and bought a small pre-fab coop made for four chickens. They slept in their coop from the very first night and I was a nervous wreck thinking about every possible predator that could get to them.

Do we have snakes?

I saw that raccoon that one time.

There are opossums everywhere.

How big are the rats here?

Spoiler alert: they all wound up just fine. Over time, I even had them out free-ranging in our tiny, urban backyard when *gasp* I wasn’t home.

After a few months, we learned that two of our four chickens were roosters. At first, every time they’d crow I’d laugh. Especially Lily Roo, with his scratchy, broken crow. I fell in love with these little goofballs. Our dog fell in love with these little goofballs. Then, my husband fell in love with these little goofballs.

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