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Two Sick Chickens: Cosmo Kazoo

When we chose to hatch out 15 chicks, I promised myself that I was going to be a responsible adult and only keep the hens (like everyone says). Well, spoiler alert, it didn’t happen. I fell in love with Cosmo Kazoo right away. His beautiful sing-song voice had me smitten. Instead of chirping or peeping like everyone else, Cosmo wanted to sing. Plus, he is drop. dead. gorgeous. Little did I know his sweet nature was going to mean he […]

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Why on Earth Do You Have Chickens?

I always have a hard time answering the question: “But, why do you have chickens?” Because truly, I’m not sure. I grew up a little differently than most of my peers did. Summer vacations were spent camping in the Smokey Mountains, mining for gems, hiking trails in national parks, and driving around looking at the scenery. I always loved when we’d stumble across a small farm on a red-clay dirt road in the middle of nowhere. A babbling brook in […]

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