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Zero Waste: The First Few Steps

There isn’t a single living person that couldn’t stand to reduce their waste. My first realization about my waste was the plastic silverware I was using every day at work. I was eating breakfast, lunch, and sometimes a snack at work 5 days a week, and using plastic silverware for every meal. When I think about it now it seems so obscenely wasteful. So, when I packed my lunch for the day I started including silverware with it. Small changes […]

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Reducing our waste.

Consciousness is a curious thing. Years ago at my first pro hockey game my (now) husband pointed out the flash of light in the stands. “You know what that is?” He asked. “No,” I implored, staring into the prolific flashes. “They’re for the photographers” he shouted over the announcer, pointing at the front row. After that, all I could see was the flash of light going off around the stadium every few minutes for the rest of the game. I […]

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