Featured Products in my Chicken Coop/Run

Links to all products we used during our coop and run build:


We used black PVC coated hardware cloth throughout our coop and run and as a predator apron to prevent predator losses. The black coating is easier to see through, less visually obstructive, and has a longer life with the PVC coating.

We secured the predator apron all around the coop with these durable anchors:

Raccoons have the dexterity of a toddler, so locking carabiners are essential for keeping them out of chicken houses.

This retractable outdoor safety gate keeps my girls from getting out into our main yard, which is largely unprotected from predators. It’s easy to install and easy to clean. Note: My girls are flightless, so if your flock flies it won’t keep them contained:


I bought a dedicated set of cleaning/scrubbing brushes to use just for the chickens to keep things sanitary. I love these pink brushes because they match my coop’s color scheme perfectly!

We use Dr. Bronner’s non-toxic soap all over inside and out – from cleaning and scrubbing roosts and the coop walls and floor, to shampoo for chickens and our dog. This gallon container is highly concentrated and can be diluted and used in so many ways- including liquid hand soap, shampoo, floor cleaner, surface cleaner, tooth paste…… the list goes on! The rose scent is my favorite:

Oxine is an extremely useful cleaning agent for all manner of livestock. It can be used to safely clean and sanitize water lines/waterers, feeders, and to prevent algae growth. It can also be sprayed (dilution directions on the package) on the inside of chicken coops/hen houses and run to kill mold and bacteria, or to maintain bio-security. With HPAI sweeping across the globe and claiming millions of chickens lives, it’s important to kick up bio-security practices in your flock’s space to keep them safe.

Storage and Organization

We used metal basket (similar to these) and octopus hooks to create hanging storage right next to the entry of our run:

I love this metal hose holder, but I spray painted mine white to better match our color scheme:

I love this airtight 50 pound food storage bin. This keeps out moisture and pests so your feed stays fresh for months. It holds a full bag of feed and the wheels make it easy to move around without lifting:


All tech including the PoE camera system, Govee thermometer/hygrometer, and solar fans are linked in this post: https://flowerpatchfarms.com/recommended-products/high-tech-chicken-coop/

Finishing Touches

These decorative brass peacock door pulls serve as the door hardware for our run entry. The hardware used on our windows is no longer available, but these brass pulls are a close fit.

We used peel and stick vinyl tiles on the floor of the chicken coop to protect the underlying wood from moisture and stains, and to help make clean up easy. These tiles are fast and easy to install- just peel off the backing and press down. They can be scrubbed or wiped down with a damp cloth during coop deep-cleans.

Unfortunately, my pink bistro set is no longer available, but this white set is similar. Its a small enough size not to take up too much room near my run, and the enamel coating makes it easy to clean and protects against rust:

I added these string lights to the length of my run for looks and a little added safety at dusk. I secured them neatly with nail-in cable staples:

I love this 1 gallon capacity waterer for several reasons. The cups allow my girls to dunk their beaks and clear their nares (unlike the poultry nipple version of this waterer). At just 1 gallon, it’s the perfect size for medication and/or vitamin dosing and doesn’t result in product or water waste when it needs to be changed out daily. I have a flock of 8 and fill this every 4-6 days which prevents algae build up.

I love this metal trough feeder because it’s short enough that even my smallest girls can reach it. It holds up to 5 pounds of feed at once, and won’t tip over. It can be secured to a wall or piece of wood, or can be left free-standing.

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