Hatching Eggs & Caring for Chicks

These are tried and true products I’ve used for several years to hatch eggs and raise chicks.

Hatching Eggs

We’ve hatched several times in this Brinsea incubator with great results. Simple operation, reliable performance!

This smart thermometer/hygrometer combination makes monitoring your incubator easier than ever. This device will alert you of critical temperature and/or humidity changes to ensure your hatch stays on track.

I love these inexpensive cameras! I use them to monitor chicks while I’m away from home, in my sick bays to keep an eye on ailing chickens, and have used them in temporary setups to ensure everyone is safe. The picture quality is great, night-vision is extremely useful, motion alerts help with security, and setup is fast and easy!

Chick loss can occur quickly if they become too hot or too cold. This Mama Hen warming plate will help keep your new chicks at their ideal temperature with no exposed heat bulb, no added light, and no risk of fire or burns.

I incorporate this pen into my covered run when the chicks are old enough to regulate their own temperature. This method allows my flock to see their new mates without being able to harm them.

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