• Automated Feed or Scratch Dispenser
    If you’re heading out of town for a couple or days, if you want to be able to give your girls treats while you’re away, or if you want to keep your flock quieter in the morning, an automated feeder is a great addition to your run. There are two options available depending on your budget: Option 1: Moultrie Feeder + Bucket While this budget-friendly option is typically used in a hunting application, it works great to dispense feed or […]
  • Gifts for Backyard Chicken Keepers
    While these products aren’t essential, they make chicken keeping more fun! These are also great gift ideas for the crazy chicken lady in your life. This bug light is toxin-free so I don’t have to worry about using it near my girls. I keep it close to my run to reduce biting insects and make my time outside more enjoyable. These adorable Sloggers boots make cleaning out the coop and run a breeze! I love this beautiful egg skelter! Not […]
  • Hatching Eggs & Caring for Chicks
    These are tried and true products I’ve used for several years to hatch eggs and raise chicks. Hatching Eggs We’ve hatched several times in this Brinsea incubator with great results. Simple operation, reliable performance! This smart thermometer/hygrometer combination makes monitoring your incubator easier than ever. This device will alert you of critical temperature and/or humidity changes to ensure your hatch stays on track. I love these inexpensive cameras! I use them to monitor chicks while I’m away from home, in […]
  • Treating Mites in Backyard Chickens
    There are a lot of products available to treat mites in poultry, but I have had the most success with GardStar Garden & Poultry Dust. I have tried a lot of different treatments, including Permethrin and Elector PSP, and none of them compare to the ease and effectiveness of this powder. Keep in mind that you have to go slow and be sensible while using this on your flock since dust can be extremely irritating to their respiratory system. I […]