Gifts for Backyard Chicken Keepers

While these products aren’t essential, they make chicken keeping more fun! These are also great gift ideas for the crazy chicken lady in your life.

This bug light is toxin-free so I don’t have to worry about using it near my girls. I keep it close to my run to reduce biting insects and make my time outside more enjoyable.

These adorable Sloggers boots make cleaning out the coop and run a breeze!

I love this beautiful egg skelter! Not only does it ensure you’re using the oldest eggs first, it looks beautiful sitting on your counter. It’s available in multiple colors, but the rose gold is my pick.

The perfect coffee table book for the crazy chicken lady in your life! This book is filled with beautiful photography and recipes for lively cocktails.

This egg collection basket isn’t just adorable, it also makes it easier to collect eggs from the coop! It’s metal and available in two sizes.

This collapsable version is a space-saver for urban chicken tenders:

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