Treating Mites in Backyard Chickens

There are a lot of products available to treat mites in poultry, but I have had the most success with GardStar Garden & Poultry Dust. I have tried a lot of different treatments, including Permethrin and Elector PSP, and none of them compare to the ease and effectiveness of this powder. Keep in mind that you have to go slow and be sensible while using this on your flock since dust can be extremely irritating to their respiratory system. I cover my empty coop in the powder, add straw, and then add another light dusting on top of the straw, and then treat each bird focusing on under the wings and around the vent area. Treat again in two weeks. No egg withdrawal time.

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Permethrin premise spray can be used topically to control mite infestations as well. This product should not be used around cats; remember to remove any clothing or shoes that may have come in contact with Permethrin prior to interacting with cats.

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