High Tech Chicken Coop

Tech makes most things better- and my chicken coop and run are no exception! We’ve run into a lot of crazy situations over the years, and these products have helped make chicken keeping easier, safer, and way less stressful!

@flowerpatchfarms ✨ Technology + Chickens ✨ Am I extra? Undoubtedly. But tech makes everything easier! All products linked on my website (check my bio). These HD POE cameras allow me to check on my girls, no matter where i am in the world. They record to a DVR and being able to watch back footage has helped us determine the cause of injuries, detect breaches in our run, and monitor behavior for potential health issues. These solar-powered fans help move the air on particilarly hot days or after we’ve done a deep clean to keep my girls’ lungs protected. They are controlled through Alexa and our Sonof switch. The Govee smart thermometers monitor temperature and humidity in my coop and my run and support temperature alarms in case it gets too hot. They can act as a trigger for the fans if temps reach over 90 degrees. And the most inportant piece to keeping my girls safe- our custom made, solar powered, Alexa-enabled automatic coop door. It opens and closes on a timer AND on demand. All products are linked on my website- check my bio! #backyardchickens #chickencoop #chickencoopdesign #predatorproofcoop #hightechchickens #flowerpatchfarms #petchickens ♬ Level Up – Ciara
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