Predator Proof Chicken Coop + Run

Before we built our second coop + run, we spent weeks planning out every detail. The end result is better than we could have ever imagined! This predator proof, space-saving, easy to clean covered run and coop is the perfect setup for urban chickens! All products shown in video are linked below:

@flowerpatchfarms Chickens are prey animals and virtually anything can be a predator so I rely on my coop and run to keep my precious little floofs safe. In our urban setting, the most common predators are racoons, opossums, domestic cats and dogs, foxes, rats, and hawks. We used black coated hardware cloth throughout the run secured to the uprights with a pneumatic staple gun and extra long staples. Long term we’ll be adding wood stringers (like we did around the windows) for added strength. We added 2x4s along the bottom perimeter of the run to prevent dogs from being able to push the panels in, along with a 3’ hardware cloth predator apron to prevent digging. All access points to the coop are double secured with latches and locking carabiners, and access doors we dont use all the time have slide bolts. My girls have been in this coop for almost a year now and we’ve only had 1 breach- a mouse! #backyardchickens #chickencoop #chickencoopdesign #predatorproofing #predatorproofcoop #silkiechickens #urbanchickenfarmer #flowerpatchfarms #chickencoopbuilds #chickencoopsoftiktok ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

Products shown in video:

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